Helga Winold

For Helga Winold, teaching chamber music ensembles is a distinctive experience. “Nowhere else in music do we learn more about precision, timing, listening to each partner, and working together effectively,” she says. “We need to perform with authority and character, but totally in the service of the wonderful works that we are performing.”

Authority, character, and dedication are hallmarks of Winold’s teaching. For nearly 40 years, she has devoted herself to training exceptional performers and music teachers, generously drawing on her masterful musical knowledge, research, and experience as a performer.

The first IU graduate to earn a Doctor of Music in cello, Winold created two courses in cello literature that examine the cello’s development, literature, and performance practice from its beginnings into the twenty-first century. Her cello literature and pedagogy courses draw students throughout the Jacobs School of Music — including violinists, violists, bass players, and the occasional brass player — who seek Winold’s wisdom to broaden their understanding and discover new approaches. And of course, she instructs students privately in cello performance.

“She is a masterful private teacher of cello, who is able not only to inspire students by precept and example, but also to analyze students’ technical and musical problems and work with them to reach viable solutions for these problems,” says Distinguished Professor of Music Janos Starker, Winold’s mentor.

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